Is February for Failure?

CASimpleLoveANote-vi34-1It’s February. You know, the month when your new exercise equipment begins to gather some dust. It’s the time when those New Years resolutions seem like they were made a long time ago. What were we thinking, anyway? Yes, for those of us in certain quarters of the South it is time for Mardis Gras (otherwise known as ‘Fat Tuesday’ … can I get a witness?) Oh and if you aren’t lured in by the giant donut known as ‘king cake’ you are bound to fall into the chocolate lure of Valentines Day. This is not to be associated with the Valentine Day Massacre, unless we are speaking of destroying our eating and exercise plans. Yes, February is a short month, but a deadly one. I don’t know if we could have stood 31 days of it!

Well, maybe not for everyone. There are those among us who are the strong and the proud, unwilling to yield and who quickly rebound from failures. I’m glad, because I need you. I need to see that it is possible and that healthier goals are not out of reach. In case there are readers who are wondering if they can make it through February and into March, I wish to affirm that you can, indeed, make it. February does not have to be failure in the least. It can be a time of victory. I’m choosing to believe it.

A friend said to me today, “I know you can do it.” For that moment I believed him. I’m going to hang on to that.

Time passes quickly. We are in the second month of 2013, a year that has not made a great impression so far. I have too many friends who have stood at the graveside of their loved ones in such a short time. Instead of falling into new habits, I seem to be falling into old ones. Escaping the ruts of life is no easy task. But it’s not impossible.

So for today, I’m declaring that February is not for failure. We really must choose to be watchful over our lives. Whether it is food or faith …. habits or hangups … I know you can do it. I heard a wise person say that recently. I believe.

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