Invincible Faith

Suggested Reading: Daniel 1

The Old Testament book of Daniel is an exciting read, full of awesome stories and perplexing prophecy. Daniel was a man of faith (Getting To Know Daniel). Although we enjoy reading about the fascinating faith of Daniel, the book is not about interpreting dreams, surviving unscorched from a fiery furnace, and lions wondering why their mouths won’t open. Daniel didn’t write to tell us about how lucky he was or how if you follow God just right He will keep bad stuff from happening to you.  Daniel’s book is a story about God, who can do anything to see that His will comes about. Through Judah comes a Lion whose mouth cannot be closed.

Judah, though, has been unfaithful – idolatrous, wicked, and turned away from God. God uses the Babylonian empire to overcome Judah as punishment.  Babylon is the world power of Daniel’s Day, 605 BC. Babylon was a modern kingdom with modern dwellings, entertainment centers, thriving businesses, three palaces, temples to numerous gods. There was a A 650 foot glimmering tower. The powerful and imposing King is Nebuchadnezzar.

It is when Nebuchadnezzar deports thousands of young people from Judah and brings them to Babylon that Daniel is taken 900 miles from his home, at about age 15. There he would undergo a brainwashing effort in an attempt to reorient his life and erase his past. It would be easy to believe that Daniel was simply engulfed into the Babylonian way of life. But Daniel had faith in an invincible God who was not threatened by Nebuchadnezzar’s wealth and power.

Daniel had an invincible faith in spite of ungodly influences (Daniel 1:2-7). The best and brightest of Judah were taken for the King’s service. Daniel was re-educated in the language and literature of Babylon and his name was changed to reflect a pagan god, yet he held on fast to God. Today there seems to be a global disrespect for Christianity. Education has become secular at all levels. The name “Christian” is a curse to some. Daniel demonstrates that faith can be strong even with faced with great opposition.

Daniel had an invincible faith when tempted to compromise (Daniel 1:8-16). He could have chosen the easy path. He could have been intimidated by the guard. He could have enjoyed great food and wine. He could have led his friends into compromise. Daniel’s faith would not let him. He had strong resolve to live for God and he trusted God to help him. Christians who do not belong to this world have many similar situations in life. I want to encourage you not to be intimidated by the world into giving up your convictions.

Daniel had an invincible faith that was rewarded (Daniel 1:17-21). The King could find no one to equal Daniel. Anybody can follow the crowd, but we rise above others when we stand firm in faith. The wisdom and understanding of Daniel was not his own, but came from God. When you live your life by God’s principles and know what He desires for your life – you are wiser than most people around you!

You may not think of your faith as invincible.  Your faith is not, but God is. In Daniel’s book we are going to learn God’s power over nature, the best leaders and kings men can offer, the intimidation of military might, and even over those who are plotting control of the world. For today, we need to know that God is King in our world. He has a will and a way of life for you to live. He knows a lot of things are out of your control. He wants you to know that he is near, and nothing can stop His will from coming about.

Daniel and his three friends had their names changed. Here is what their original names meant:
Daniel – God is my Judge
Haniniah – Yah has been Gracious
Mishael – Who is What God Is?
Azariah – Yah has been helped

Today in your life: God is your judge, God has been gracious, God has been supreme, God has been served. Stay strong!

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