Before you worship today, take a moment to consider the intentional nature of what you do. It’s not something that ‘comes upon you’ … worship is an act of the will and heart. In a silent moment before you say a word to God…

Release a worry. You’ve carried this for so long and it has not helped the situation at all for you to be tied up in worry over it. Just for an hour, release it as you would a helium filled balloon into the air.

Release an offense. I know it hurt. You can’t look at them without being reminded of the thoughtless or cruel way that they caused your heart to break. Then they acted like they didn’t even know. It is hard to release a painful event, but could you…for just and hour … perhaps God will address this in your heart while you worship. But to come to Him with your intentions pure, release it.

Release a judgment. Decide now that God can handle that situation or person that has distracted you from the cross. He will, you know. He alone has the power to judge without mixed motives. And judging the other person hasn’t helped you on your journey at all, has it? Let it go.

Open your heart up to God and the work His Spirit can do while you contemplate a time of worship. Place your focus on our Divine Savior. And when you have spent a few moments intentionally releasing toxic attitudes and mindsets into the wind, prepare for the freshness of God’s grace to fill your heart.

Now… worship him in spirit and truth.

Thanks for reading,


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