What God Intended


There in the light of that supernal star,

Which only love and faith in love can see,

Let us rededicate all that we are

To all that God intended us to be.

Thus only may the star announce the birth

In us of peace and warm good will on earth.

~Charles Henry Mackintosh


If there is any one prevailing message of Christmas, it is that we are not what God intended for us to be. That sounds presumptuous, but the evidence is overwhelming. One scarcely makes his way through the entry chapters of the first book of the Bible before noting that sin has caused a great calamity on earth. From that moment on, the story reminds us over and over that we don’t … we can’t … be what God wanted us to be.

We are no strangers to brokeness, humiliation, distress, rejection, and regret. The guilt of sin has spurred on a thousand worthless solutions and in the end of trying to solve the problem ourselves we are left to look in the mirror. Nothing like we were created to be, yet somewhere deep inside is the desire to be repaired in our hearts.

And that is the message of Christmas. God wasn’t interested in being a cute baby in a bassinet. He was interested in being the Savior of the broken world. Even more, he was interested in being reborn in our hearts … an incarnation unattended by a star, or a shepherd, or a wise man. In us.

So do not give up faith my friends. We see the brokeness in our own lives and in the world all around us. That’s not what God intended us to be. And He is not content to leave us so. He intends to remake us in His image from the inside out. That’s what Christmas is about. It’s about finding the beauty of God within the broken heart, and witnessing the brightness of healing. Only in Christ can we be what God intended us to be.

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