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SummerBlogTour (12)

There’s been a great series of guest writers on the blog this summer. Each one offered something really thought provoking, encouraging, or helpful. I hope you read each one. More – I hope you connected with the blogs of these great writers so you can read more of what they have to say and think. Below are the links to the posts on my blog … each one of the bloggers also posted each one of the articles on their blogs. Hope you’ve enjoyed getting to know these special Christian writers … I value them as contributing something vital to the Kingdom with their words. Special thanks to Peter Horne… this was his brainchild! Thanks Pita! Thanks also to Tim Archer who offered his new book in a drawing throughout this series. 

Inside Out by Peter Horne. Peter’s blog is located HERE.

Church Inside Out by Tim Archer. Tim’s blog is located HERE

Experiencing Miracles Inside Out by Jennifer Rundlett. Jennifer’s blog is HERE

Transformation From the Inside Out by Ryan Lassiter. Ryan’s blog is HERE

Service Inside Out by Holly Barrett. Holly’s blog is HERE

Seeing Inside Out by Peter Horne. Peter’s blog is HERE.

Marriage Inside Out by Richard May. Richard’s blog is HERE

Simplicity Inside Out by Scott Elliott. Scott’s blog is HERE.

The Gospel Inside Out by Brandon Fredenburg. 

Missional Inside Out by Steven Hovater. Steven’s blog is HERE.

Prayer Inside Out by John Dobbs.

Hope you enjoyed the series as much as I did. Thanks for reading. JD

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