In Between Days

These are in-between days. The Christmas panic gave way to food preparation mania. That turned to overstuffed turkeys and people. Then after a flurry of wrapping paper, empty boxes, overflowing garbage cans and searches for batteries, it was all over. There was the army of individuals who flooded the malls, but the Christmas spirit was obviously gone. It’s time to put away all those decorations we so carefully placed around our home. We aren’t nearly as excited as we were when we set these items out a month ago. And now we await a new year.

Some people are able to view these days just like any other days. I feel that I am ‘on hold’ … biding my time until we throw old calendars away and replace them with new ones. I also feel the pressure to make significant changes. After all, it’s a new year … a new beginning. It is a time for writing the wrong year on our checks as we make purchases. It’s a time to reflect on all the changes we were going to make last year at this time, but didn’t. It is a time for seniors to tackle one last semester before graduation. It is a time when mistakes made over the past twelve months haunt us and fill us with regret. It is a time of renewal and brave self-confident assertions of what we are going to do now … and how it will be different than last time. Weren’t we doing this just a short time ago? Where did 2006 go? Dusty Rush writes about his resolution, as I’m sure a lot of other bloggers will do over the next few days!

I hope and pray that your 2007 is a year of spiritual growth and prosperity. I pray that we will use our many blessings to benefit others. I pray for those who find themselves jobless, homeless, and hopeless … that they will know the love and comfort of Jesus. And that we would do all we can for them. I pray that our pathway would be crowded with people seeking the glorious gospel of Christ. In 2007 let’s take more time with our families. Let’s grow in our relationships with our spiritual family, spending less time fighting, more time loving.


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Gary Kirkendall writes a tribute in honor of his friend who passed away. I went to school with his son and I’m sorry to hear of my friend Glenn’s loss, and Gary’s as well.

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Thanks for reading and I hope that these in-between days are filled with good news and great opportunities for all of you.

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