I’m Back

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Smoky Mountain Memories

The past week I have been in the Smoky Mountains with my family enjoying some time away. I have more pictures on my picture page (linked at the right) …. but not much scenery …. mostly family pictures. The beauty, grace, and serenity of the Smoky Mountains is hard to express … but it was a great place to be for a week.  We actually saw Dolly Parton at Dollywood, which was neat. I’m a big fan of her music.

This past Sunday I presented an update on our work at the Athens, TN Church of Christ. Minister Tim Gunnells has been a constant source of encouragement since August 29, 2005. At the time he was in Elba, AL – a church that was very helpful to our recovery work. When he moved to Athens he got them involved as well. There was much interest among the members there about our work.

This past Sunday at Central Heath Pickard spoke, and I understand he did a great job.

Jason Brown will be coming to the Coast this Summer with a group of young people. Read about what he did at VBS to increase awareness of the recovery effort on the Coast HERE.

I’m glad to be home … although I came home with cellulitis raging in my leg. So…hopefully a few days of antibiotic will wipe that out. It is simply a recurring problem I am going to have to live with, I guess. I’ve been nauseated for three days and feverish  … ick….not a good way to end vacation.

A few guys in the last post asked about how to post a YouTube video on WordPress. Very simple. You use the brackets [] and within them you type youtube= and then the url of the video. Official instructions located HERE.

This is just a check-in … glad to be home … I missed writing … and look forward to posting more this week.

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