Review: Identity Crisis

I recently bought and read my friend Michael Perkins’ new book IDENTITY CRISIS: 21 Days of Discovering Who God Says You Are. Although we minister in different faith families I have been so impressed with the faith and passion of Michael.

Identity Crisis is a devotional book with twenty one affirmations from Scripture that reveal God’s view of us … his love, acceptance, and forgiveness.  Each day begins with a Scripture, a reflection from Michael’s life, a suggested prayer emphasis and a way to share with others the truth of God’s love for them.


Some sample thoughts from this book…

Even if we feel broken, God believes we are valuable. 

You can share the intimate things in your life with Him and He will then begin to share His heart with you…Because you are God’s friend.

We are seen, because God sees us.

Our purpose is to live our lives in such a way that others see Jesus living in us and say, “Jesus is beautiful.”

This little book is packed with gems like those.


I will tell you this is not a long book – which I appreciated. I could read through it easily although the encouragements made are very rich. It is also a devotional book for 21 days but I believe you could go through it over and over, finding new applications and meditations each time. Another reason I liked this book is that it didn’t cost me a fortune but it contains a wealth of spiritual blessings! I think it would be great for a small group to work their way through this book.


Michael Perkins is the Pastor of Trinity Church of the Nazarene in Corpus Christi, Texas.

You can follow him on Twitter @MichaelDPerkins. Do a search for #identitycrisis and see what shows up!

You can read more from him at his blog DRIP JESUS.

And you can buy Identity Crisis for only $2.99 here:

I believe you’ll be blessed.

Thanks for reading, John.