I Shall Not Be In Want

I shall not be in want.

Dear Lord,

Of all of the important and essential things in this life, I do not have any lack. You created me, sustain me, have saved me, and will love me forever. Nothing can separate me from your love. Everything else is just lagniappe.

Perhaps if I keep affirming that, my  heart will also believe it. I know it to be true, but Dear Shepherd, when does my will catch up with my knowledge?

I am addicted to new and improved. Acquisitions thrill me, make my heart race, steal my money, captivate my time. When I’m bored I go to stores and walk around looking for something to catch my eye. Discontent with what I already have, I am willing to become indebted in order to have right now something I do not really need.

I wish that was all. But the want within seems to never calm…it exercises itself in a hundred different directions without rest.

Still, Lord, I do know that your provision is enough. I do know that I am hearing the call of another shepherd who does not have my health and heart as his main concern. I know because I have followed him before, and in his pasture there is no rest, no satisfaction, nothing but … want.

So I need your Shepherd’s heart to lead me, protect me, correct me, remind me, feed me, forgive me, and save me. You give me so many gifts that I do not deserve. What I do deserve, you withhold. Yes, your grace and mercy forever keep me safe.

Until such time as my wandering heart is convinced, I will continue to affirm and know that as long as You are my Shepherd, I shall not be in want.


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