I Saved Dolly Parton!

When we began cleaning out our home that had been flooded with up to four feet of salt water, certain things caught my attention more than others. I am a music lover and seldom do anything without some music playing. I like lots of different kinds of music, but I most always have music in the background providing a soundtrack to my life.

So as I looked at the boxes of my CDs on the floor that had been submerged, I was filled with angst. I just could not throw them away. However, I didn’t have time to look at each one either. So I grabbed a nearby garbage can and tossed them all in there. They have been in our storage unit for about a year. Until tonight, when I brought them home for inspection.

Some did not seem to have gotten wet (hard to believe), and others were stuck to the liner notes. I ran a sink of lukewarm water and submerged them for a while to be able to get the paper off. For Christmas I requested and received a very nice CD album. So tonight I saved Dolly Parton, Barry Manilow (stop shaking your head, Danny), Michael Bolton, Free Indeed, Acappella, Darlene Zchech and Hillsong, The Grass Roots, Bette Midler, and a whole choir full of Gaither Homecoming singers! Not to mention Emmylou Harris and Martina McBride … and a bunch of others! I would guess it was about 50 CDs. I found a couple of DVD movies. And most precious was a CD of family pictures from 2001.  I was very grateful to recover these memories! I posted them on my webshots page (linked at right).

We had a great Christmas with my parents here. Maggy and I took JR and Lanni to Mobile today so that he could use some of his gift cards to buy some clothes and shoes he had his eye on. It was an enjoyable day … but I did notice that the Christmas spirit sure does disappear quickly! I guess everyone felt like they had had enough of it! We managed to enjoy our time in the crowds, though.

I hope you’re all doing well and had a great Christmas.

I am sorry to read this evening that former President Gerald Ford has passed from this life. He had some recent health problems, as reported in the news. He is the only unelected President in United States history.  

 I’ll leave you with a great video and a fantastic song.  Brad Paisley and Dolly Parton sing about their hopes and anticipation of a better life to come….when we get where we’re going.


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