I Need The Address

So Maggy and I went to the wrong branch of the bank I needed to go to this morning. Once we discover it is the wrong address this conversation ensues:

Me: Do you know the address of the other branch? I’ll put it in my GPS.

Teller: Oh, it’s easy to get there. Just go down this road, it’s behind the medical complex….you know?

Me: No, I’m not sure. Can you give me the address?

Teller: You just cross over ____ road and it’s right there behind the complex. Very easy to find.

Me: We’ve only lived here a short time and we live in Monroe, so I’m not sure where you’re pointing me. If you would just give me the address.

Teller: Blank Stare.

Me: You don’t know the address do you? (I’m staring at a phonebook, about to reach around the window and look it up myself).

Teller: Yes I do. (Looks off beyond us) … Mr. G … do you know the address of your branch? These people are trying to get there…they’re new in town. (no we’re not new exactly, I just want the address).

Mr. G: Oh yeah, well, it’s no trouble. It’s just right down the road to the left.

Me: Do you know the address?

Mr. G: Yeah, it’s ____________.

Me: What road?

Mr. G: ____________ Road.

Me: Thank you (a bit abrupt I’m sure).

We get to the other branch. All the way Mags is telling me I was rude. I was laughing because of the insanity the moment…I just needed the address. Was that hard?

We get to the other branch and the lady who is supposed to help us is in a meeting. If we’ll have a seat, someone will be with us.


Receptionist: Mr. G is at the other branch, he’ll be here in a minute to take care of you.


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