I found this poem in an old church bulletin from 1964. It is by that prolific and well known author, Unknown. Maybe it is prophetic. People are still dealing with overcrowded lives. Maybe it is confessory … I certainly found a nudge to my conscience here. It may not be the the most beautiful poem you’ve ever read, but spend a second and and receive the message. It’s a good one!

It seems that every one of us, is in a great big hurry.
Not enough time for deeds of worth, Just time to rush and worry.
We race around like maniacs, and never get half done.
Tormented by this lack of time, our lives are not much fun.

It makes us wonder if a God mapped out this mixed up plan.
Did He give out more tasks than time to every single man?
Or do we give so many hours to nonsense and lament
That when we reach the worthwhile jobs we find our time’s all spent?

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