How To Make Our Guests Feel Welcome!

We have a friendly, welcoming church. That is what I believe, and I expect most of our members believe that. We might think that because we have friends here and we are comfortable in these surroundings. On the other hand, I have visited churches where I didn’t feel very welcome. That’s not a good feeling. We desire for all of our guests to become a part of God’s Family, and because of that we want to do all we can to warmly welcome each one. Here are some reminders …

Speak. Always Speak to People You Do Not Know. Sometimes you might find out that they are members of this church and you just haven’t met them yet! That’s a good thing! Given our size, I expect you can recognize a guest! A smile and a greeting go a long way!

Inform. Make Sure They Have a Church Bulletin. The bulletin is our communication device to the church – and it communicates to our guests as well. They can see activities and contact information. And it contains a very important item.

Contact. Ask them to fill out a Connection Card. Guests are naturally hesitant to fill out a card, and I can understand that. All we want to do is send a note expressing our gratitude for their visit. We also would like to be able to send them an invitation to another event we may have in the future.

Introduce. Introduce them to your friends, to those standing nearby.

Invite. Invite our guests to sit with you. We all know you can be lonely in a crowd. Invite them to your LifeGroup. Invite them to lunch – it doesn’t have to be fancy. Invite them to join you in Sunday School. Invite them to come again next Sunday.

Wait. When services have concluded, consider waiting for a few minutes before visiting with the friends you see each week. Instead, spend that first few minutes speaking with our guests.

We have guests frequently. We would like each one of them to know that they are valued, welcomed, and loved by God and His people.