How to Cover Up Sin #1

Ever since God gave Adam and Eve a single prohibition, humans have been longing for that which they should not have. Surrounded by peace, harmony with all that existed, and in the wonderful presence of God, still the forbidden fruit looked enticing. Something changed,  however, when they gave in to temptation. Adam and Eve realized for the first time that they were naked (Genesis 3:6-8).

Have you ever had that dream where you are in school or at work and you’re the only one who is naked or in your underwear? No? Oh…well…me either. But I’ve heard of that happening to other people. Anyway, that would cause one to be in quite a panic!  I don’t know what it must have been like for Adam and Eve to suddenly have their eyes opened to their own nakedness. When they heard someone else in the garden, they scrambled to hide.

It was God walking in the cool of the garden. What a wondrous image this paints in our minds as we consider the Creator strolling through His creation, seeking out the company of the only ones who were created ‘in His image’. How many times had they enjoyed sweet fellowship together? But on that day, they knew something they never knew before … they were naked. This news brought with it the frantic attempts to cover up… fig leaf suits and hiding in the bushes.

“Where are you Adam?”

We’ve been trying to cover up our sin ever since. God has been calling out your name, seeking to have a deep connection with you. Why have you been hiding and trying to cover up your own sin?  In the next post we will explore why we do this.

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