Hope Does Not Disappoint


And hope does not put us to shame, because God’s love has been poured out into our hearts through the Holy Spirit, who has been given to us. ~Romans 5:5

Today I received a reminder of hope.

Five years ago I would not have offered much hope for our family. Maggy and I stepped into that Compassionate Friends meeting and were surrounded by people who had suffered as we had. They had children who died. The message I came away with was that better days are coming and that it will not always hurt like this. That was hard to believe.

Today my grandson and I bought flowers and planted them around the tree that was placed in honor of John Robert on the campus of Forsythe Church of Christ. This was / is quite an honor and we are grateful for the love and support expressed by this church for us. It felt good to replace flowers that this dry summer long ago wilted away.

Then at lunchtime today we met up with one of John Robert’s dearest friends. He and Patrick had been friends from 1st grade until he died. He was passing through town and called us to see if we would meet him for lunch, and we were eager to do so. Aside from catching up with Patrick and finding out what was going on in his world, we also shared some funny stories about John Robert.

We were able to enjoy those memories and smiles without tears.

Of course we would not have been ashamed to shed tears…that comes as natural as breathing. And we are not, nor ever expect to be, at a place where we no longer miss John Robert.

But to be able to enjoy that moment was a great blessing. And so whoever it was that told me that brighter days were coming and that it wouldn’t always hurt this way … they were right. Making it through the first few years of grief is unbelievably hard. For those who may read this who are in the fire of grief, I just wanted you to have hope. Those bitter tears that fall today will one day give way to the warmth and beauty that is the life of the one who died.

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PS: And for anyone who wondered, we planted pansies. They do well in the cooler weather we trust is around the bend. Purple and gold, of course.


Hope for your Kindle…

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