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Claire Gets A Surprise! She thinks she’s in a ‘speed reading contest’. Under box #3, however, is staffer Joey Peacher!

We had a great week of camp. At first we were disappointed in the low number of campers this year … there were several factors that contributed to this. We made the best of it, however, and at the end of the week several of us thought it turned out to our good. The weather was perfect … overcast … sprinkles of rain here and there … cool nights … breezy days.


Jesse & Matt chat early in the week

In the only unfortunate incident of the week, a couple of our staff members collided on the softball field. One of them is a big powerful oak tree (Trent), the other a 19 year old lightweight sapling (Matt).  After our friend Matt was unable to recover his breath and his color began to fade, we took him to the emergency room. Emergency surgery removed his ruptured spleen. Doctors noted a bruised kidney and pancreas. It was a major collision for sure. He is surrounded by family as he recovers. We missed him the rest of the week, but he was mentioned in almost every prayer. Matt has been a part of our camp week since he was about 5 years old.

Brandon, Haley, JR, and Trent

I have a photo album of camp pictures 0n my webshots page, linked on the right. “Best Camper” awards went to Carah Holden (Mobile), Brandon Bullard (Ocean Springs), Haley Lane (Moss Point), and John Robert Dobbs (Pascagoula). In a week like ours, however, they were all ‘best campers’ in my book.

Jim directs Junior Sports.

We had a great staff this year with several ‘first timers’. I enjoyed directing along with Trent Bryant (Ocean Springs), Byron Smith (Mobile), and Jim Ingram (Pascagoula). Jim is one of our elders at Central. It was his first year at camp and he did a fantastic job leading the little kids (Juniors) in their sports activities.

David Kilbern serves up Bar-b-cue chicken & pork!

David & Elaine Kilbern, Mary Harris, and Robert Sumner brought up a great supper Tuesday night. We had bar-b-cue chicken, pork tenderloin, bake beans, cole slaw, garlic bread, and several cakes. They really went out of their way to make it a special night and I appreciate them so much. They are all so busy working with the relief effort … yet they took time to serve us at camp. What a blessing it is to see the heart of Christ in action!

Joey & Callie Peacher, Port City Church of Christ, Mobile

Also new to our session and bringing a great deal of creativity were Joey and Callie Peacher. They are on staff at the Port City Church of Christ in Mobile. They taught the junior Bible class, led Junior worship each night, and also arranged our Thursday night Prayer Station event for the Seniors. I can’t tell you how much time and energy they put into each of these activities. We are so blessed to have the Peachers on the Coast.

Once our crew arrived home from camp, Cierra Haynes was baptized into Jesus Christ at Central. Her family – and all of her new spiritual family – rejoices with her in this great decision.

Everyone that was at camp deserves praise and a mention … but I do want to thank those of you who prayed for us, for God surely answered those prayers.

I am now involved in a fundraising project for camp. I’m looking for 15 people who will give $200 to Gulf Coast Bible Camp. I’ll give the first $200, so now I only need 14! It’s a great mission work right here in South Mississippi. If you want to help, or know more about the purposes of the goal, let me know!

While I was at camp, Dale Watkins and crew from Elkton, KY worked in Pascagoula. I did get to see him Monday night as I came in for my addictions class. Arriving to work this week: 25 from Southern Heights Christian Church, Lebanon, MO, led by James Garner (not of Rockford Files fame!), 15 from First Christian Church, Vandalia, MO, with Roger Thomas leading,  6 from Danville Church of Christ, Danville, OH, led by Marsha & Kay (you should meet these ladies…they get the job done!), and 30 from First Christian Church, Keokuck, Iowa.  So it’s going to be a very busy week, to say the least. They will all be working with 100 Homes in 100 Days.

I will be continuing some thoughts and meditations through the Twelve Steps next week … but for now … I need to scramble and get ready for tomorrow at Central. It’s a “first Sunday” … so that means a fellowship meal! Come on and join us for the day!

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