Holy Hip-Hop: More Than An Alternative


I’m one of those who is concerned about the lyrics that young people listen to and how it helps shape and mold their attitudes. I know there are some who disbelieve that and claim it has no effect at all. Yes, I was the youth minister showing videos about backward masking and satanic worship in rock and roll back in the 80s. To tell you the truth, I’d almost prefer that stuff to what I’m hearing today.

The popularity of ‘artists’ such as 50 Cent, Ludacris, Lil Wayne among Christian teens concerns me. Just listening to the beat? The lyrics mean nothing to you? How that can be so when it’s blaring through earpods full blast and it’s repeated over and over again – and you can sing along with it? And what ARE you singing? If I were really bold I would post some of the lyrics here. I’m just too embarrassed. It is literally porn without pictures. Doubt me? It’s easy enough to find on the net.

Just to be honest, I do not like rap or hip-hop music. It does not sound pleasing to my ears. I’m not insulting the genre by any means. I’m sure some of you would hold your ears to my selections. This is not about music styles so much as lyric content.

So I set about to find some Christian alternatives … you know… hip hop artists who have a Jesus style message. I really found more. I found a genre of Christian men and women who are enjoying the rap style of music while promoting a singular Christian message. They aren’t just alternatives, they are an excellent choice with amazing talent. So I wanted to share some with you. I hope two things. One, that Christian teens would make better choices for yourself, your witness, and your heart. Two, that Christian parents would be aware of the dangers out there, and the really awesome music available with a Jesus beat.

If you’re a fan of holy hip-hop, share your favorite artists and songs.

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