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katherine3If there’s anything I love about blogs / twitter / web 2.0, it’s the opportunity to know about neat things that are going on and the chance to be a part of them. Katherine Gould is very active in staying in touch with so many people. She is a kind Christian lady with a heart for serving God. I’d like to use this post as an invitation to you to help send her to China.

Katherine’s plan is to go with a Let’s Start Talking team to Beijing, China in March. They will teach English using the Gospel of Luke. Awesome project!

Katherine needs to raise $2975 on behalf of the ministry. These funds will go toward training and supervision through LST, airfare, food, lodging, and working expenses. Any additional funds raised over the minimum contribution will go into a scholarship fund at LST. This a mission that needs immediate assistance. It won’t be long before she’ll be airborne headed across the ocean! We need to act fast.

If you are able to contribute, please go HERE. The contribution is tax-deductible contribution. Please follow the instructions for online donations, using either a bankcard or an online check. That is the fastest and best way to donate. If you prefer, there is also a donation form to print and mail in with one of your own checks on the same webpage.

What do you say blogiverse? There’s plenty of complaining about the things that are wrong with the church on all the blogs. Here’s something extra great…and it’s something you can make happen. If you decide to contribute, let it be known in the comments so it will encourage others. No need to put an amount, unless you think it would encourage others as well! I’ll be contributing!

Can’t wait to hear the great reports comin from the Far East.

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