Heaven: Where Few Are Many


A good while back Wayne Dunaway sent me a review copy of his book HEAVEN: WHERE FEW…ARE MANY. I have no excuses for why it took so long for me to open it up. I will say it has been on my desk for many months. We all know what road is paved with good intentions, and it is NOT the road to Heaven!

I would like to mention this book, however, because I really thought it was very well done. I have heard brother Dunaway preach sometime in the past,  but have never had the opportunity to be around him. I remembered that he had a good sense of humor, and this is an element of his book that makes a serious subject so enjoyable. I really enjoyed the musical references throughout the book… both to hymns, country music, and Southern Gospel gems. Now if you do not like country music, don’t discount the book … it is far more than that.

There were several elements of this book I really liked.

*I liked the brief chapters that dealt with common questions. The 30 chapters are easily read and understood. 

*I liked the questions around which each chapter was built. I think I have asked most of those questions about heaven.

*I liked the Biblical answers that were given to the questions. I am of the conviction that the Bible contains all the answers that we really need to know. I gather from reading this book that brother Dunaway is of the same conviction!

*I liked the emphasis on grace that flows within these pages. 

I believe this book would make a good classbook or small group discussion. One could cover more than one chapter per week. It would make a good devotional book, concentrating on one question per day about heaven for 30 days. It will encourage you and bless you. 

Would you like to have a copy of this book? I’d like to give you one! I’m going to give away one paperback and one Kindle edition. In the comments, let me know which you would like to receive. I will do a drawing from those sometime next week. Share this with friends so they can get in on the drawing – and the good news about this book!

Here is a link to some Bible-related articles written by Wayne Dunaway (LINK).

If you’d like to go ahead and order your own copy, the link is below.


My thanks to brother Dunaway for his good book, and my apologies for taking so long to read it.



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