Headin’ Into The Long Weekend (Except for Preachers!)


Not a Perfect Person, But A World Changer.

Here we go headed into the Labor Day Weekend. I predict blog readership will sink appreciably! I hope you have a safe and wonderful long weekend! Lemme toss out a few things for you…

Dr. Clif Mims, an old friend, told me about FEEDBURNER, which gives a pretty robust feed and some features. You can see in the top right hand corner of my blog I have a place to subscribe to the feed and/or receive e-mails when this site is updated. Cool features. I’m sure that I am only touching the hem of the garment. I noticed that Zane over at Big White Hat is also using Feedburner. He’s a pretty sharp cookie as well as my buddy Clif. And you ought to be reading Zane’s blog…great stuff.

Another new blog recommendation is Craig Hicks’ new blog. Craig is one of those people who claims Trey Morgan as a friend. That means he’s full of grace, but not sure about the truth part. I hope you will surf over to Craig’s blog and read his fantastic posts and leave some comments. He’s still in that stage where he sometimes blogs two and three times a day. One day he’ll sit there like the rest of us … what do I blog about today? Until then…he’s keeping the rock rolling! I just talked to Craig on the phone … he was on his way to work … that man can pack more encouragement in a ten minute call than anyone I know. What a gift!


T. B. Larrimore … a great example to all believers today. Thanks, Frank.

Adam & Dana have a new baby! Congratulations!

Danny dusts off an old, but timely, article about football.

Ben has an awesome post on imperfect baptism that you need to read.

Trey Morgan discusses why some churches are boring!

Matt Dabbs has an excellent post on confession.

Thanks for reading!





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