He Restores My Soul

He restores my soul.

Dear Lord,

In all of the ways that I am touched and blessed by Your grace, nothing is as meaningful as the restoration You bring to my soul. That part of me that seems unreachable and sometimes unteachable, is easily within Your grasp. Your desire to give my soul the life it once knew is incredible to me.

After all, it is due to my wandering that I need to be restored. I’ve been whipped by the cruel rod of the Wolf and left for dead. I’ve tried to find my own way to green pastures and quiet waters, and gotten discouraged that I couldn’t find them without You. I’ve been hurt by others in the flock, surprised by their treachery. I’ve sometimes blamed others for things I’ve done. And I have walked outside of your paths into dangerous pastures filled with snares.

Yes, Shepherd, I need Your gentle restoration. I’m much too confident in Your shepherd’s heart to doubt your desire to save me. I know that with one word you are at my side. With no ability to fix the mess I’ve made, and as I begin to breathe the first words of sorrow, You are already mending the torn places in my heart. Gentle Shepherd I can sense your compassion and mercy. I’m quite familiar with them because, as You know, I so frequently need them.

Restore the joy of my salvation.

Restore the vigor of the faith I had when I was young.

Restore the wisdom of my faith I often neglect.

Restore the trust I had before the Enemy tore it from me.

Restore the love for your will and word when it fades.

Restore the commitment my heart made in the past, makes daily, and will make forever.

Lord restore my awareness of your presence.

Restore my soul.


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