He Learned Significance

Tonight Maggy and I were invited by Mike and Mignon Riley to attend the Ouachita Christian School Benefit Dinner. This is our third year to go, and we enjoy it each time. Tonight’s speaker was Brian Kinchen. We enjoyed getting our picture made with him and seeing up close and personal his gigantic superbowl ring!

While I cannot relate all of Brian’s message, a major theme was that he learned the importance of significance rather than success.

I don’t know much about football, but Brian’s talk tonight filled me in on the 2004 Superbowl in which the New England Patriots took on the Indianapolis Colts Carolina Panthers*. Brian was called in out of retirement to do the long snaps. He relates the crushing mental wrestling he did as the new player on the team, the oldest player on the team, and knowing that given the right circumstances his performance could win or lose the game.

Brian was blessed to achieve most of his life goals. He played for LSU Tigers, he played professional football, and even was a key player in the Superbowl win for the Patriots. In all of this he learned that every success leaves one thirsty for more. However if one would focus on the significance of each circumstance, there is fulfillment.

Here’s a video recap of the Superbowl game in which Brian played. You won’t see him or hear his name mentioned. But if he had not done his job well, it could have ended a different way.

I was encouraged by his faith and a great story of perseverance and trust in God.

There’s a lot to be said for his message…for all of us.

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*Thanks to Jason Barnard for the correction. He informed that the Colts and Patriots cannot play one another in a Superbowl. Which demonstrates my NFL ignorance! lol

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