He Leads Me Beside Quiet Waters

He leads me beside quiet waters.

Dear Lord,

My Great Shepherd, who could I ever expect to know my deepest needs but You? Beyond knowing, Your care and guidance always bring strength to my soul. Though I have never served you perfectly, you have never failed to Shepherd perfectly. I know that my heart can have peace without measure in your presence as you take me to quiet places.

Quiet places make me crazy. When I am at rest I wonder what I ought to be doing. When there is no noise I bring it into existence…TV…Radio…iPod…going places… going nowhere… creating the noisy environment. The world I create is not nearly as serene as the one You created. Yes, the one You created that best suited Your creation.

I’m almost afraid of the quiet. In the silence I have time to think clearly. I am able to see my reflection and wonder how this has happened to me. In the quiet moments The Enemy brings my regrets, my mistakes, my disobedience, my losses … he elegantly places them around me so that no matter which direction I look I am reminded of the failure of my trek. But this is not the quiet to which You lead me.

You lead me to quiet waters that allow me to drink without fear. I see my reflection in the waters and do not see failure but redemption. I see You. Standing beside me, giving me assurance. Near these quiet waters of my heart, I understand why You have led me here. No amount of noise, confusion, crisis, or thunder can rise above the holy  din of Your peace.

Lord, when I’m running through my days … would you remind me to come back to this place? As  You already knew, I needed to come here.


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