He Is The Only Magnet

“He is the centre of gravity drawing every one, in ever growing nearness and meaning, to Himself. It is only when we have been drawn into closest touch with Him that we are qualified to “go” to others. It’s only Himself in us, only as much of Himself as is in us, that will be helpful to anyone else, or will make anyone else willing to break with his old way. He is the only magnet to draw men away from the old life to Himself.”     — S. D. Gordon, Quiet Talks on Following The Christ, 1913


Today began with a meeting in my office with eight youth ministers from Kentucky. They are all bringing groups this summer through Teen Missions. We had an informational meeting and then they went out into the field to observe the workers who are here. I’m looking forward to these brothers returning in a few months with their youth groups. This reminds me that every group that has come down has been inspired by at least one leader who said, “Let’s go”. Servants who lead make great things happen.


Tonight we had a great time of worship, enjoying the high-energy singing of the college students who are here. They have been working hard. Follwing the worship time we had some family time, and several got up to speak. One lady said that she was surprised that we were missing a very important tool in our work … a laptop computer dedicated to Hurricane Relief. This was especially vivid to some of these folks because they have spent several days going door-to-door accumulating information about what work is still needed in homes. One of the workers here works at Staples, so they went to staples last night and bought a laptop and software to help us accumulate a database to put this information in a usable format. What an awesome gift! Also tonight Andy Roberts said a few words. On behalf of the group they gave me an official Penn State cap, and David Kilbern received an official Penn State hammer. It was a special night and this group has been such a blessing to all of us and our community. Christian Student Fellowship has provided a great deal of service.


This past Tuesday night there was a meeting of area pastors and relief directors at First Presbyterian. Local physician, Dr. Richard Whitlock, is leading this meeting, which seeks to keep us all aware of what resources we can share to help people get back into their homes. We also had the Director of Rebuild Jackson County, Michelle Wilson, present to answer questions about state and federal funding resources. As would be expected, this funding is available but only after stepping through yards of red tape that the average person cannot do. There is a great need for volunteers who can do case management to assist citizens in getting through the process that exists. Rebuild Jackson County will train the case workers, but finding the volunteers is tough. These need to be long term volunteers. The meeting was very informational and encouraging in that we all are more enlightened about the processes. If you are local and would like to volunteer a day a week to do case management, I can point you in the right direction to help fellow community members get available funding.


I have written some short and (I hope) thought-provoking articles that should be available locally in The Mississippi Press soon. It is my hope that they would be of a provacative nature, causing people to ask questions of themselves and their own spirituality rather than teaching principles. Each article is followed by an offer to engage in a free Bible study by mail. If you are a member of my John’s Journal yahoo group, then you have already received those. Here is the first one:


So how many times have you tried to start over? Perhaps it has been dozens of times in your life. Have you ever felt that no matter how hard you try, you still fall back into the same habits and problems? Many people have given up on life, settling instead for living by the routine. Bound to repeat the same mistakes over and over, we wonder why we cannot make sense of life. Some reading this may have even given up on God. They decide to do life their own way. Isn’t it our common experience that this doesn’t turn out very well? Friend, we have all felt lost and unsure about our direction in life. However, a new start is not out of the question. God said, “You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart.”  Been there, done that? Then why the unrest in your heart? Thirsty for God? You’re not alone.


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