He Guides Me in Paths of Righteousness

He guides me in paths of righteousness for his name’s sake.

Dear Lord, Trustworthy Shepherd who would never lead me into the wrong direction, I love You. As I experience following in Your ways, I am surprised at every path. I forget that these are well worn paths that You have traveled many times with many others.  They are pathways created through uncertain hillsides where You know every step, every rock, every branch, every danger, and every spring. When I walk in Your ways I am assured You have selected for me the most advantageous trails.

I love You for Your insight into who I really am, what I really need. I love You for your foresight, which has – before I was born – worn dirt grooves throughout the earth for me to follow. I love You because You knew that my path would not head in the right direction without Your intervention. I love You for the cross…and the empty tomb.

Lord I’ve already confessed that I’m not a very good listener. I am convinced that Your way is better than mine. Your will is more important than mine. Your guidance is more dependable than my own. Stronger than my own stubborn heart is Your inexhaustible love. You call me to paths of righteousness and I remain in a continuing spirit of penitence for walking down paths of unrighteousness.

Lord, I confess that You are my Chief Shepherd. I never want to walk away from your path. I desperately want the righteousness that only you can give. I need Your forgiveness, grace, but more. I desire what only Jesus can give… His righteousness. Mine is too damaged to repair. His is pure and holy and fit for Your presence. So cover me in His righteousness Lord. When You hear this prayer, would You hear His voice first? Would You see His blood covering my weakness and sin? Would You accept me because I wear His name? And then Lord would You help me remember that I am completely accepted in Your arms, hearing Your voice, obeying Your gentle admonitions, and giving You my heart?

And my loving Abba, please give me opportunities along the paths to bring honor to Your name.


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