Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas

I’ve noticed that many bloggers have allowed the holiday season, fanciful feasts, and endless parties slow down their commitment to blogging. I bet you are busy traveling to and fro across the USA and seeing family members you haven’t seen for months. You’ve got Christmas in the mountains (trying to snag a white Christmas) all planned out….in a cabin with no internet access. Some of you are working an extra job trying to buy presents for kids who ought to be happy just to live in a house and have food to eat. I’m ashamed of all of you! Get your priorities straight, man! (If I have to tell you that was just a little humor, you need to get some more egg nog!)

Here’s an update on Judith and the other family I mentioned in the last post. A couple of friends (faithful blog readers, too!) dropped by the office yesterday and gave me some money. Last night Maggy and I braved Wal-Mart, two Dollar Generals, and a Fred’s to assemble a great assortment of gifts for these families. We will try to deliver them today … or at the latest tomorrow. Thanks to a few others of you that offered / wanted to help. There was no notice and not many options in the matter. I also had a few others call and offer to help, and I’m thankful for your big hearts.

On the right there are several links. One of them is to a little DAILY TRIVIA  game that I set up a few years ago. After the hurricane I actually forgot all about it … but a faithful few kept coming daily!  I recently started trying to visit it each day. Thanks to the five or six guys who kept it going! You do have to register, but it’s free and painless! It’s ten questions a day from a variety of topics and keeps up with a cumulative score. It’s just for fun. Join in!

I hope your holidays are filled with warm memories and special times of growing closer to the ones you love. Reach out to someone who has no one during this time of year. There is a richness of life that comes from sharing with others. Don’t let the scrooges, grumps, and grumblers steal your joy! Misery loves company, but it doesn’t have to be you. Go ahead and forget your diet for just a few days, but get ready to start your new year off right! Laugh often and love deeply. I thank you for reading my blog this year. It is such a lifeline for me to hear from you and to know that some things I write are a blessing to someone else. I’m sure this won’t be my last post of the year … but they will likely be spotty. Now I think Maggy has something for me to do … so enjoy your holidays my friends.


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As I close my thoughts for today, enjoy this heart touching Christmas song by Judy Garland. (Anyone know the year?) It made me remember that there are people all over the world serving our country that will not be home for Christmas. Let’s mention them to our Father sometime this weekend.


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