Hanoi Jane and Tarsus Saul


Jane Fonda has a new movie coming out in which she portrays Nancy Reagan. I expect it to be excellent but I’ll probably wait until it comes out on Netflix to watch it. She is, by all measures, a great actress.

But her life story will always be tainted by what many believe are treasonous acts during the Vietnam War. To be honest I’ve read so many different things I do not know which ones are true and which aren’t.  We all know that everything written on the Internet is not true. *gasp!* And I also realize that what I write here won’t necessarily change anyone’s mind about her – and that is to be expected.

But for the Christians reading, I would ask you to take a moment to think about the continued slander of Jane Fonda. (Tweet That)

I’ve already seen several Christians in social media feeling justified in leading her to the slaughter.

I recall a certain terrorist who had quite a bad name for things he did in his past. He not only threatened Christians, he was known to drag them out of their homes to go to prison. He willingly stood by and assisted those who killed Christians. He was a frightening person to all first century disciples. But then he saw the light and placed his faith in the One whom he had hated. He was baptized and began a new mission to share the light of the gospel in the dark world.

The Christians of the day had their own questions about him … his past … what he believed now … how they were to relate to a killer. Can you imagine the Facebook posts of some of the early Christians as they chatted back and forth about this terrorist coming to church? Can you imagine the truthful reports of his prior activities (and even pictures!!!) … and the mythological unchecked ‘facts’ of the internet (by those who consistently ignore websites like Snopes which attempt to stamp out reposted untruths)?

So what about your past, Christian? Are there some moments you are glad that there were no reporters around to snap pictures and post them to the world’s newspapers? Do you have any regrets? Did you have a bad name when you came to Christ, before He gave you a new name?

When I see Christians going on about Hanoi Jane, I’m reminded that grace seems so sweet when applied to us but is often withheld from others.

You might not like Jane Fonda’s statement of faith (HERE). I certainly disagree with some of it, but she didn’t write it to please me. She expresses that her faith is in Jesus Christ. I will let God judge the outcome of that story. But I do know that she was baptized, learned about Jesus, and attempts to live a life modeled after Jesus. That doesn’t make her an Apostle Paul, but it does make her a former Hanoi Jane.

Unless I’ve decided that I must be the arbiter of grace and who is worthy … who is not? Not only has she made a statement of faith in Christ, she has apologized (numerous times) for her behavior in the past (HERE). You may not think she went far enough, was specific enough, or penitent enough. Again, if you are the dispenser of grace, then she should seek your personal approval I suppose.

So, Christians … shall we continue to bring up the forgiven past of a person (sister in Christ?) who sinned so greatly? Or shall we simply absorb the grace of God for ourselves and dismantle the character of one who has given her sins to God to handle?

I know this is a volatile subject with many. I don’t care if you go see her movie or not. But I do care when Christians display to an unsaved world that they don’t have a chance to escape their scandalous past. I know that I can’t live up to those standards. I don’t believe you can either. You can feel free to disagree with me in the comments, but I won’t allow any spiteful or hateful speech to be posted there.

I do believe that no matter how far you go, out here hope remains.

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