At the cleaners there is a bin for recycling hangers. It has a lot of hangers in it, which is a mystery to me. My house ought to be overflowing with clothes hangers. Every month I take my dress shirts to the cleaners. Over the past three years I would estimate that I have received my cleaned and pressed shirts back from the cleaners on a hanger dozens of times. On average, that should be about 156 extra hangers at my house.





Just try to find one. And it’s not just the ones from the cleaners, it’s all of them. They simply vanish. It should be like one of those math problems in school I could never solve.

Little Johnny has 15 shirts on hangers in his closet. Over the course of a week he takes one off a hanger each day. On wash day he goes to his closet to retrieve hangers. How many empty hangers does he have available?

I don’t care how you work on it, the answer is ZERO because that is what happens every week. I’ve heard the legend of the socks in the dryer …. and even witnessed this phenomenon. But I’ve never heard anybody talk about the hangers.

If I do manage to gather up a handful of hangers and lay them down on the counter, they immediately begin to intertwine and become impossible to untangle.

Well, if you have any insight into the great clothes hanger disappearance, then I’d be glad to hear it. Otherwise I’m starting to remember an old Twilight Zone episode where some things went into the closet but didn’t come out. Yikes!

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