Guest Review of “The Dark Knight”

John reads and reviews books. I go to the movies. So he invited me to review the one I saw with The Good Wife today. We saw the much anticipated The Dark Knight. It is worthy of the hype.

Heath Ledger as the Joker is the big item, of course. He is as good as discussed on all the talk shows. I got chills a couple of times and jumped more than once. I also laughed a couple of times. After all, he is The Joker. It is not just his antics that are creepy; The Joker’s philosophy and motivation are very scary.

These are still the early days of the Batman, following up Batman Begins. We get to see how Jim Gordon becomes Commissioner Gordon. I love Morgan Freeman all the time. He is great in his supporting role as Bruce Wayne’s techno person. It is strictly a support role, but he gets one of the movies best lines. Michael Caine is even better as Alfred. The girlfriend and the shining DA are perfect.

Someone asked me about suitableness for a 13 year old. There is no sex in the movie beyond a kiss. I remember no vulgarity and the profanities are few and far between. The PG-13 rating is for the movie’s intensity and violence, and not just the bad guys get killed.

The Bat Mobile and the Bat Cycle are big stars.

The problem with the movie, if there must be one, is that it is every bit of two hours and a half. The half tacked on at the end makes it too long. My inner clock had the movie wrapping up when it wasn’t really wrapping.

BatMan is not trouble free. He is, as the title states, the Dark Knight and he has to make some dark decisions. Missing this movie would be a dark decision on your part.

C3 / Cecil May III

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