Guest Post: You Ought To Be Teachers by Cecil May, III

teach, children, familyFor though by this time you ought to be teachers, you need someone to teach you again the basic principles of the oracles of God. ~Hebrews 5:12

At the most recent Monday night Bible class at the Detention Center, Melvin spoke. The Monday night class for men is held for a special group of men who are in a program called SAP – Substance Abuse Program. They spend all day every day in groups being lead through all kinds of material on over-coming substance abuse and breaking the drug cycle. So they learn things like the importance of making good choices, looking down the road at consequences for their actions, controlling their desires, the necessity to end friendships that carry bad influences, taking responsibility for their own decisions, and restoring valuable relationships that have been broken.

Look again at what these incarcerated adult men are learning: good choices, consequences, self-control, bad influences, taking responsibility, making amends. They spend months being taught these skills.

On Monday night, Melvin spoke. He is about to graduate SAP. He had some things to say to the Bible class before leaving. I will paraphrase what I heard him say that echoed Hebrews 5:12, but that gave it a new slant for me.

Fellas, we sit in here and pretend that we are learning new, important things. In reality, these are things that our parents taught us when we were five years old. We were supposed to learn all these things back then. But we did not listen. And because we did not listen and learn these things our parents tried to teach us, now we sit here in this jail learning these lessons, when what we should be doing is teaching these lessons to our own five year olds at home. We are here learning when we should be at home teaching.

Become a teacher.


Cecil MayCecil May, III is the minister for the Parkway Church of Christ in Fulton, Kentucky.  His wife, Patti, is a school teacher. Their longtime service for Christ in that area is a blessing to many.



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