Grocery Connection


Today as I carried my Christmas-themed reusable totes into the grocery, some ideas occurred to me to help our local store (and believe me, I’m feeling like less of a man for the beginning of this post!). See, across the street from our local grocery store a Wal-Mart Neighborhood Market is about to open up. It’s like David and Goliath. Except our grocery is a part of a large chain based out of Tyler, Texas, but still Wal-Mart is a behemoth!

It’s easy to be frustrated with the grocery store. You go in and buy $25 worth of products and when they ring it up it costs $95. I don’t know how that happens.

As the primary grocery purchaser in our home, I use those re-usable bags because they are easier to carry, hold more, and I get a .5 cent discount for each one. So even if I’m only getting a few things I carry in two bags. They give me my discount for both even though they only use one. I wonder if I brought twenty if I could get a dollar off? You have to know how to work the system. So now that I’m .10 to the good, I thought I’d offer some  help to my grocery store.

*Don’t let people double dip on their reusable bags! I know you’ll ignore this entire post, so I’m ok with saying that.

*Stop giving out mile-long receipts … who reads all of that? How much paper do I really need to tell me what I bought, how exorbitant and unreasonable the price was, and the total? A person could trip on those things… or accidentally hang themselves. If you keep doing this people are going to stop buying toilet paper. The trees of earth have asked me to pass this along.

*I’m not going to call your survey number. Do you know how many solicitation calls I get? Why would I volunteer for one? No, I’m not going to the website and tell you that everything went well…even if it did. If something goes wrong I may call and in that case maybe Haji in India, going by the name ‘Fred’, will pass that along to you.

*I don’t like scanning my card and letting you know everything I’m buying. The biggest reason is that you often take items I frequently buy off your shelf. Then when I call to tell you I’m missing those items (Yes, I’ve done that!) they re-appear at a higher price. I’m not going to buy that. If you’re going to track me at least keep my favorite foods on your shelf at the same price.

*Can you please electrify the freezer doors? When some customer is standing there with the door open,  mind-numbed and unable to choose from the plethora of frozen food delights, several sections of doors tend to frost over. There should be a 30 second timeframe to get your frozen pot pie and then you get a little jolt. At 45 seconds you get a little stronger one. At 60 seconds….well, you get the idea. This way the next person who enjoys a pasty microwave frizzled concoction for a meal can chose by actually looking through the glass doors.

I’m PROBABLY going to be loyal to you. After all, I’ve tolerated your removing products I buy from your shelf, you knowing my total buying history (do NOT reveal this to my Weight Watcher leader!!!), and the fact that you are only expanding your store because of the competition. I will be loyal because I consider this ‘my store’ and I know the checkers and the managers. I recognize and talk to the kids who bring the basket out to the car. And I know where everything is (until you expand).

I’m hoping some competition will do us all some good. But if you don’t take care of some these small details, the Wal-Mart monster might swallow you up! Maybe some of my readers have some other ideas that will help you out! Do not ignore the consumer!



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