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Grief is a common human experience, but our experience with it is anything but common. 

Grief. There are probably thousands of posts, poems, writings, books, and articles on the internet concerning the experience of bereavement.  Here are a few writings that I thought were especially helpful and encouraging. Some I simply resonated with, some brought a new thought or idea to my heart. You may find some here that do not resonate with you – and that’s OK. Everyone’s experience with grief has unique personal components that can’t be addressed in every writing. But I do hope you find some peace, comfort, and a knowledge that you are not alone – the world is full of people who are experiencing grief. Please let me know if you find a link that does not work. 

Updated 9.20.22

International Grief Organizations

GriefShare (sign up for daily email)

Compassionate Friends

Bereaved Parents USA

Heartbeat: Survivors After Suicide

Grief and the Holidays

Holy Saturday – Sitting By The Grave – Dr. John Mark Hicks

Easter Morning: From Joshua’s Grave to Joyful Assembly – Dr. John Mark Hicks

Dealing with Grief During the Holiday Season

Blue Christmas: Dealing With Grief During the Holidays – Ashley Davis Bush

Coping With Grief During the Holidays – Do’s and Don’ts – Ashley Davis Bush

Five Musts For Deep Healing – Ashley Davis Bush

Facing the Holidays Without Your Child – Clara Hinton

How to Deal with Grief During the Holidays – Amy Morin

64 Tips for Coping with Grief at the Holidays – Litsa Williams

12 Simple Ways to Support a Grieving Friend Over the Holidays – Lori Pederson

Comfort in Any Season – Phil Ware

Preparing for the Holidays – Randy Becton

104 Helpful Tips for Managing Grief and Loss During the Holidays – Devon Jorge

Hope for the Thanksgiving Holiday

Holidays and Grief: Thanksgiving Plan

Prayer and Grief

For the First Day of Autumn

Prayer While Grieving – Becky Eldredge

Five Prayers for a Grieving Heart – Bob Hostetler

Simple Prayers for the Grieving Heart – Jennifer O. White

Praising God While Grieving – Jennifer O. White

Links to Pages with Helps for Grieving People

Five Common Questions Grievers Ask – Ashley Davis Bush

Five Myths About Grief – Ashley Davis Bush

Grief and the Myth of Closure – Ashley Davis Bush

Center for Loss and Life Transition – Alan D. Wolfelt

Living With Healthy Grief – Glenn Lutjens

Moving Forward: Dealing With Grief – Glenn Lutyens

Understanding Grief: Symptoms, Stages, and Coping

Free Healing Resources from Gary Roe

Coping With Unexpected Death Due to Alcohol or Drugs

Birth Injury Support Groups

Refuge in Grief – Megan Devine

Blog Posts on Grief  – Pat Bertram

Still Standing

Widower’s Grief -Mark Liebenow

Diary of a Widower – Tim Overdiek

21 Comforting Bible Verses for Hard times – Christine Abraham

Grief Resources – Creighton University

What’s Your Grief?

A Bed for My Heart – Angela Miller

Caring for Grieving Hearts – Gary Roe

Books on Grief by Gary Roe

What I’ve Learned in Ten Years of the Grief Journey – John Dobbs

The Pain of Easing Grief – Jolissa Slow

Students Coping With Grief

God Understands When You Feel Sadness and Grief – American Bible Society

Grieving Dads by Kelly Farley

Lost My Partner

Coping with Loss Resource List of 115 Helpful Websites about Grief

Caregiving and Loss – AARP

Parents of Murdered Children

Unspoken Grief – miscarriage, stillbirth, neonatal loss

Open to Hope

Grief After Suicide

Surviving Suicide: Battling Guilt – Jeffrey Jackson

Survivor’s Guilt After Suicide – Melissa Pack

Support Organizations for Survivors of Suicide

25 Suggestions for Survivors of Suicide

Grief and Substance Abuse Recovery

Meeting God at The Shack: The Great Sadness – Dr. John Mark Hicks

The Dragonfly – Doris Stickney

Moving From Hopeless to Hopeful – Charles W. Sidoti

A Healing Fog -Gretchen Schmelzer

Blessings for the Dailiness of Grief – Jan Richardson

What is “Normal” When Talking About Grief – Amy Barger

6 Realities of Grief I Learned From the Death of My Wife – Joe McKeever

Grief Landscapes -an evolving photographic exploration of people’s experiences with grief and bereavement. – Mindy Stricke

Forgiving God: A Testimony – Dr. John Mark Hicks

May 21 – A Day of Grief Shared With John and Maggie Dobbs – Dr. John Mark Hicks

My Own Thoughts On Loss, Grief & Bereavement – Joseph R. Agoglia

Scripture Verses Which Offer Comfort  – compiled by Justin J. Agoglia

Six Things I Wish People Knew About Grieving the Loss of a Child – Malka Ahmed

The Day I’ll Finally Stop Greiving – John Pavlovitz

Acquainted With Grief – Oswald Chambers

Thoughts on Death – Thomas a Kempis

Grieving is Personal – Bonnie

Survivor’s Poetry

No Grief, No Pain, No Gain

Invisible Grief? Reflections on Miscarriage – Nicole L. Johnson

Coping with Death and Grief – Patricia Johnson

Cardinals Appear When Angels Are Near

What My Sons Death Taught Me About Grief – Victoria Lemley

64 Things I Wish Someone Had Told Me About Grief

What I Wish More People Understood About Losing a Child – Paula Stephens

How to Recover From Life’s Worst Disasters – Rick Warren

Quotes About Grief – Lisa Athan

Why Does God Allow Suffering and Tragedy? – Lee Strobel

Grief at Five Years – Pam McCutcheon

Naming The Loss (on miscarriage) – Jonathan Storment

How Can I Know If I’m Getting Better?  – Helen Fitzgerald

A World of Difference by Sally Gary

113 Articles on Grief by Clara Hinton

PDF Downloads

Guilt  (a .pdf) -Darcie D. Sims

Helping Bereaved People -George G. Galdiano (.pdf 107-page reference booklet)

There are many other resources. Some are specifically for certain kinds of loss. There is something cathartic in reading the experiences of others and knowing you are not alone. If this list helps you, I am happy to share it. If you find links that no longer work, please alert me!

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