Graduation and Grief


I knew there would be some raw feelings but I attempted to bury them for the benefit of others.

Tonight I attended the high school graduation of my granddaughter. It was the first graduation to attend since the one in 2008 that I didn’t get to attend, my son’s seat occupied only by a picture and gown. It was just one of those settings I didn’t know if I could face. At the same time it was one I couldn’t and wouldn’t miss.

Two names were announced as students who had passed before graduation. I prayed for their parents, no idea if they were there or not.

There were some tears, but also joy. Such is the journey of grief. I think the main realization I have from this experience is that we will know when it’s time to stretch … To move a little farther through the journey of grief.

Claire beautifully wore a pendant with John Robert’s picture around her neck. So there was a sense in which he walked with her. I know she was conscious of this, and it blessed our family in a special way.

Sometimes it is love for someone who is with us that empowers us to let go of some of the hurt of losing one who is no longer with us.

Thanks for reading, JD

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