Goodbye Jim Bill McInteer

Today we are being told that One year ago, one of the most beloved preachers among Churches of Christ has passed from this life. Jim Bill McInteer was a prince among preachers. This is attested to by the various online tributes that are showing up online this morning.

I had a very brief encounter with this esteemed brother, but it was meaningful. When I arrived at Central Church of Christ in Pascagoula almost 20 years ago, an invitation had already been extended to McInteer to come and preach for several nights. He was so highly regarded and in such demand that you had to reserve time with him far in advance.

When he and his wife Betty came to Pascagoula we were thrilled to have him in our presence. His messages were works of art, but not without practical instruction. Though sister Betty’s mind was not always present with her, he took such loving and devoted care of her. He dressed her, led her around with gentle care, and was a marvelous example of what true love really meant. In our conversations this influential brother treated me (at age 29) as if we were old friends. As he often did with others, he invited me to write a lesson in the Adult Bible Quarterly which he edited for the then 20th Century Christian. I happily did so and was pleased when they published that lesson in the Spring of 1996.

Upon hearing the news of his passing I glanced through McInteer’s book in the Great Preachers of Today series (Biblical Research Press, 1966). He was fairly young when that book was published. He was 88 when he passed away today. I would say that he lived his life well and influenced many people for God. And now he is reunited with his precious wife, who no longer suffers¬†dementia¬†… a real home coming for them both. Prayers and comfort are offered for the McInteer family.

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I’m thankful I had opportunity to meet Betty and Jim Bill McInteer.