Goodbye, Frank.

 Yes, he was a lot of things before he was Frank Barone, but that was his latest best known gig, and it was a great one.  Peter Boyle died today at age 71. He played the cranky unlovable father to Raymond and crew.  I am a latecomer to Everybody Loves Raymond. Actually my parents thought it was funny, so I started watching it in reruns. The good thing about that is that I was able to watch a couple of episodes every night until I had seen them all. And I think every episode had me laughing out loud. Once my mother said, “I’m glad our family isn’t like that.” I could only plead the fifth.  I think most of us could see some of our family in that program. Maybe not to that extreme, but certainly we laughed because we knew how close we could be if we let go. Of course we shouldn’t let go. There were a few seasons where the humor was pretty mean, but the rest of the show was great. My imagination wants to know what Marie will do without Frank. Everyone else will be OK, but she was the perfect sidekick for his character.

I guess, though, my favorite role for Peter Boyle was as the hilarious monster created by Young Frankenstein. As a Mel Brooks fan, I thought it was a brilliant movie. Anyhow, we watch these actors sometimes and feel as if we know them, when we really do not. Thanks for the laughs, Peter Boyle. Goodbye, Frank.


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Well, thanks for reading. Let’s end with a great laugh together!


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