Goodbye Danny Jackson

Danny Q. Jackson passed from this life this morning in Olive Branch, Mississippi, after a long illness.

Magnolia Bible College Graduating Class 1985. From Left to Right, Danny Jackson, John Dobbs, Gary Kirkendall, Jimmy Ferguson, and Bruce Bates).

The above is a picture of a picture of the graduating class of our small Bible college (now defunct). I would like to say everyone knew everyone well but that would not be true. There were the on-campus students and the commuters. We all liked each other, but in terms of friendship time spent together, the on-campus students were much closer friends than the out-of-towners. Danny wasn’t on-campus, but he lived close enough that we saw one another often. But even if that weren’t true, everyone within Danny’s sphere knew him and loved him.

Danny was an eternal optimist, a diligent student, a tireless evangelist. He brought joy wherever he went. I always believed Danny really loved Jesus … in a more personal way than most people I know. I know it’s easy, in a reflection of someone’s life, to overemphasize their good qualities. But that’s not what I’m doing. He really was that way. Our love and prayers are for Evelyn and their children and families.

I haven’t seen Danny in years, but the memories of him are very clear. It seems odd that in a small graduating class like ours we haven’t all kept in touch, though a few of us have. Even so, it still feels like we’ve all lost a great friend in Danny Jackson. I’ll add his obituary to this post when it is posted.

Obituary for Danny Jackson.

God be near to this hurting family. There are many sorrows in this life and on this earth. Yet, out here hope remains.

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  1. Remember all of you. Danny was special since we had the same last name. This hits me hard.

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