Going To School

I spent the first part of my day today as a substitute teacher at Ouachita Christian School. I was in three seventh grade classes that are doing Bible drills getting the books of the Old Testament nailed down. Seventh graders can’t really sit still long enough to distinguish Zephaniah from Zechariah, but they’ll get it.

I was a bit apprehensive about the 8th grade class… 44 boys. Gulp! In that class I talked about Jacob’s wrestling with God and how we have to keep our faith deeply rooted during times when God doesn’t do what we think He ought to. I shared about our loss of John Robert. I did this same message at Brookhaven a few weeks ago. I have to tell you, those 44 boys sat quietly and politely. This says a lot about OCS and it speaks highly of their parents.

It was neat to see several kids from our church in the classes and hallways. I had lunch with one of Forsythe’s elders and School President Micah Harper. I haven’t had opportunity to spend much time with Coach Harper… his duties keep him on the run. Forsythe deacon and Headmaster Bobby Stokes came into one of the 7th grade classes to check on me. Our church has a strong connection with that school. I appreciate the way, though, that all people are welcome and students from all schools are encouraged to be a part of our youth program. Every effort has been made to be involved heavily with OCS while loving and serving alongside great students and teachers from other area schools.

There are over 750 students at OCS. It’s a blessing to our area. I enjoyed being a part of their day.


Tomorrow we will leave for Houston, Texas for the Hillsong United Conference. In tomorrow’s post I’ll put more information about the conference. I will be using Twitter throughout the weekend to update what’s going on and how it’s going. If you don’t use Twitter, it’s a great time to sign up and follow me as we enjoy a spirit-lifting weekend.  After the conference we are going to spend a day and night with my brother and his wife in Bay City, Texas. We’re looking forward to seeing them and their two beautiful children.



No One Else Knows by Building429 … speaks to my heart

(Ignore the note at the end of the video that this is by Casting Crowns!)


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