God’s Wisdom For Daily Living

istock_000003420105smallThis past Sunday I preached from James 3:13-18. As a part of my lesson I used James’ description of Godly wisdom to ask some questions about our own lives. God’s wisdom leads us to live in a manner distinct from the way our natural urges and desire for cultural approval may lead us. Contemplate these questions for a moment as you consider whether or not you allowing God’s wisdom to guide your life.

Am I Seeking A Pure Heart?

Am I Seeking Peaceful Relationships?

Am I Seeking Serenity in the Storms of Life?

Am I Seeking To Understand Others?

Am I Seeking To Share My Strength With The Weak?

Am I Seeking To Be Changed by God’s Spirit?

Am I Seeking To Be Consistent In My Desire To Live By God’s Will?

Am I Seeking to be Genuine in my Journey?

I’d like to hear your thoughts, reflections on these questions.

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