In God’s Hands


I entrust my spirit into your hand…My future is in your hands… (Psalms 31:5, 15 NLT)

Did you ever notice how effortlessly we use our hands never really thinking about what we’re doing- until we are carrying something of great value. Then all kinds of things go through our minds…

What if I drop this?

Have I got a good grip on this?

I hope I don’t break it!

So much so that we increase our chances of an accident because we are running over these scenarios in our mind where we drop that important thing that is in our hands. We lose confidence because of the potential of disaster.

In Psalm 31 David admits that our life is in God’s hand. In words that we heard from the lips of Jesus on the cross, “Into your hand I commit my spirit.” In verse 15 he says, “My times are in your hand…”

So place your life in the hand of God with confidence, knowing that He will not drop you. He is your rock, your refuge, your fortress. All of those are images to demonstrate to us the dependability and faithfulness and strength of God.

Thanks for reading,