26 Times: God Loves You


For His steadfast love endures forever… Psalm 136

Don’t dare read this Psalm by skipping over the repetitive phrase. Say it out loud 26 times! No matter what translation you use, over and over this declaration of God’s everlasting love rings out throughout this Psalm.

His faithful love endures forever (NLT).

His mercy endureth for ever (KJV).

His love continues forever (NCV).

For His lovingkindness is everlasting (NASB).

For His steadfast love endures forever (ESV).

God’s faithful love lasts forever  (CEB).

His love is eternal (GNB, HCSB).

God wants to plant this truth deeply in your heart.

He wants you to break out in a smile as you say it over and over.

He wants it to ring in your ears throughout the day!

Is your day starting out like mine? Take heart! Nothing can happen to you today … and nothing you can do today … that will diminish the eternal faithful love God has for you.

Trying to pray but in your mind are hurtful circumstances, bad memories, regrets of harsh words? His love endures forever!

Feeling so bad that you don’t want to pray? Just talk to God about that.  For His steadfast love endures forever!

We could say it 26 times or 260 times, but we never need to be out of range of being able to hear the Psalmist say…

His faithful love endures forever!

Thanks for reading, John

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