God and No Less

God, of your goodness, Give me yourself; For you are sufficient for me. I cannot properly ask anything less, to be worthy of you. If I were to ask less, I should always be in want. In you alone do I have all. ~ Julian of Norwich (ca. 1342)

What a powerful prayer. We seek so little from god Himself. We want His powerful blessings to rain down upon our lives. We give Him the laundry list of details He is to attend to in our lives. We casually ask for forgiveness, forgetting that it is only at the cost of the blood of His son that we can even approach Him. We mumble meaningless things at Him, as if He likes to hear us run through our common prayer habits.

I’m walking a thin line here, for I do believe that a casual ongoing prayer life is a part of our walk with God. So, on the one hand we can be so formal in prayer that we are afraid to speak to the Father as we go through the day. On the other hand, we can become so relaxed in our common prayer practices that we never put much effort into seeking Him with our whole heart.

Have you prayed to have more of God in your life? It is a big prayer, and it requires that we accept whatever implications that prayer contains. Having more of God may not fill all our temporal desires for life, but any less will leave us thirsty for God.

Thanks for reading,