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Kari Jobe will in concert Thursday night at First West

How sad is it that my last blogpost was three days ago and it was just a reposting of last week’s Tweets. And even though the Blogprophet proclaimed that as boring (which I have never said about one of his posts … out loud), I think it is at least of passing interest to non Twitterers like oneofmyfriends who do not know what they are missing. But I have barked up that tree long enough… there are reasons for my blog silence.

Sunday we had a good day of worship and fellowship at Forsythe. My sermon from that day is now posted online HERE. Sunday afternoon Maggy and I enjoyed watching a competition of local thespians during a Shakespeare event, featuring our young friend Houston Bass. Right after that we had GriefShare. I was not feeling really well but I thought I was just tired and grumpy (yes, even I get that way sometimes!). But about 9:00 Sunday night I started having chills and tremors followed by fever. Nausea soon followed … a difficult night sleeping …. leg turns red … cellulitis. I couldn’t see the doctor until Tuesday afternoon, so I stayed in bed most of the day Monday and up to the doctors appointment Tuesday. He gave me a super duper shot and I felt better by the evening…but the leg was still red and hurting. Tonight I got out to teach my class and that may have been a mistake, it’s a bit redder than it was earlier.  So that’s been my week. Twitterers know all of that already though.

Tomorrow I go to see Dr. Graves again for the second of my three February appointments. He looks a little too gleeful about injecting painkiller into my gums! Tonight in class I asked them to pray for me because I was going to see Dr. Graves in the morning…just a little self-deprecating humor. I forgot for a moment that his son, also Dr. Graves, was in the room. When I clarified I was going to see the elder Graves the Dentist, son Graves the surgeon said, “you really do need prayers”.  Elder Graves got in the final word by suggesting that those doctors who put people to sleep don’t know what they’re missing out on. Shiver. My class was on kindness. Cousin Joe said, “so much for your class on kindness.” (He calls me cousin John all the time!) We all had a good laugh – and you know … those are the times I love the most … when we can just be ourselves and enjoy one another’s company. I would prefer it not to be at the event of my dental visit next time, though!

Maggy and I are about to take a week off (not good timing for my illness, but who gets to choose these things?) We have been informed that John Robert’s grave marker has been placed. I believe if all goes well tomorrow afternoon we will go to Ruleville so we can see it and to visit family there. Then we’ll head to the Coast for a few days to celebrate Blake’s 2nd birthday and a dance competition for Claire. We have some other plans while there. Then we will go over to Mom’s and spend a few days helping her get some things in order. It is our hope that Mom is going to come home with us for a visit. Maggy says she’ll do a lot of the driving on this trip since my leg is in bad shape.

I’ve been Tweeting about it, but you non-Twitterers out there may not realize that at Tulsa Workshop this year we are going to have the first ever Christian Blogger Awards sponsored by Theobloggers. Brad has a complete write up of the event HERE. This is a completely interactive voting procedure that is depending on all of you to vote! Phil Wilson suggested on Twitter that I was stumping for votes! Ha! He’s bad sometimes…you gotta watch him. There are several categories. After the nominations are received there will be a top three in each category and you’ll be asked to vote for those too! Awards will be given at a Christian Blogger Dinner on Saturday afternoon at Tulsa Workshop. Tickets are cheap in advance and still pretty cheap after the workshop starts…but make plans now to be present. It’s going to be a lot of fun.

Lesson I learned tonight: Always ask ‘which picture are you talking about?’

LOST was great tonight … but though I’m not sure what the show is about, where it’s going, or how it could all tie in together … it’s such a fun show to watch … who cares? Glad Jin got a good bit of the focus tonight. I know it’s hard to convey on a television show…when someone doesn’t speak the same language… and I think LOST is trying to convey Jin’s confusion at times. It’s true his English is limited, but hey…he was a pretty sharp guy pre-plane crash … and he’s still smart as he can be. But they make him look like he’s a bit confused too much I think.

Well I went from blog silence to overflow here. I still have a rant on my newest pet peeve, but I’ll save that for a fun new post soon.

Thanks for reading!


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