Weekend Game Break!

jongFor all you non-preacher types it is the weekend and time for a break. I know a lot of you are not high on Facebook games, but I like them  fairly well.

There are two lies in the preceding paragraph, the main one being that if you like the games you are not waiting until the weekend to play them! The other being I’m crazy about Facebook games. There, I said it!

I know some of you just blah blah blah on and on about not wanting to receive game invites. Then you post something that’s intended to shame those who enjoy the games into thinking that they are doing something that is a poor choice. Well, maybe so. But getting the game invites is YOUR fault because you control what notifications you get. If you haven’t figured out how to stop the game invites, just


google it. Most of the time those playing the games do not have much choice about sending them out. You could unfriend me, but I’d be candy crushed.  You see what I did there, don’t you?

Most of the time I’ll quit one game if I want to start another one. Or I’ll loose restraint and be playing several at one time. That’s not usually a good thing. So I do try to limit myself. Most of the time.

I just want you to know that I have no problem at all admitting how much I like several of these games.

That’s a lie.

So  you are aching to know which games I like the most so that you can make me your friend and play along with me? I knew it!

Probably my favorite right now is Candy Crush. I played a while, then hated it and gave it up for several months. For some reason one day I tried it again. It is the most fun played on the iPad… much more so than on the computer.

I also like Mah Jong Trails. This is also a game that I quit several times then came back to later. I’m on a particularly challenging board which means I’ll either break through soon or quit it.

Zuma Blitz is a long time favorite. I played Zuma off of Facebook (Hey … did you know there are games that are NOT on Facebook? Wowza!).  So I was happy to see it start up here a long time ago.

And I guess I have to admit I like to play Hay Day on the iPad. So that’s what… four games … I may have a problem.


I’ve quit a lot of games along the way as well. I played all the levels of Zombie Lane. That was fun. But even if they added some levels I wouldn’t play it any more. Probably. OK, if you hear about that, don’t tell me.

I also do not play any Solitaire games at this time. Maggy likes Solitaire Blitz. I do not play any farming games on Facebook – I tired of those after the initial fun. I liked Farm Town and Country Life, but the whole world went Farmville … and now FarmVille2 (which is dreadful, not that I’ve played it). I seldom fire up Bejeweled, but it is a classic and it’s there on my iPhone waiting for it’s turn.

By far the funnest computer game I’ve played isn’t on Facebook in it’s full incarnation.

2Plants Vs. Zombies is the best and most fun game I’ve played. I don’t know why but zombies make great game themes. I think there is some PvZ version on FB that I did not like. I’m a purist.

I’ve always liked games … board games, card games, and anything that didn’t involve running, jumping, hiding, or basically being outside.

Anyhow while you’re taking your weekend break (wink) what games do you like the best? If you hate games and you feel tempted to write some scathing rebuke of those who enjoy these games, then go ahead. But be careful. We’re a creative bunch.

There’s something about a season of Lent starting this week. Maybe I’ll give up a game. A game. We’ll see.

Thanks for reading,



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