From My Files: Mothball Christians


Mothball Christians by Joe Barnett

I just read that the United States has 768 ships which comprise what they call the “mothball navy”. These ships are anchored in various harbors around the country. They receive regular maintenance, being repainted periodically and receiving frequent electrical impulses to retard the process of rust and corrosion. Moisture content of the air in their inner compartments is kept at a proper level with giant humidifiers.  While these ships can be readied for combat on very short notice, at the present time they just sit there doing absolutely nothing. The only purpose they presently serve is to provide jobs for those who provide the upkeep.

It set me to thinking about “mothball Christians”. How many do you suppose comprise that fleet? They are being preserved somewhat through the ministry of concerned friends. They consume incredible amounts of time and energy in local churches. Periodically someone must go after them and try to reactivate them. Their talents and abilities are not being used for anything constructive. They are on the church roll – and perhaps feel snugly harbored because of it. They receive a lot of attention and loving concern, but never give anything in return. They are served, not serving.

I can see a legitimate reason for maintaining our “mothball navy”. National security is at stake. But there is no excuse for believers to remain inactive. The energy and manpower needed to win the world is sidetracked – used up on these who should be involved in helping reach the world. Every Christian is responsible for using his God-given abilities for the salvation of the world.


Thanks for reading! John