Thursday on the Coast


Greetings Friends! Welcome to November. In my walk this morning I was back to wearing shorts and a t-shirt. Just a few days ago I had sweats and a jacket! I’ve had some blogposts rolling around in my head … a large cavernous empty area … and I have been unable to find time to get them written down. Maybe this weekend? I don’t know!

Last night our crowd was down a bit because of Halloween, but we did contemplate the Spiritual Disciplines of Solitude and Silence. I will be posting that on Deeper Walk when I get a chance. I’ll let you know.

Today starts with a couple of surgeries…. two friends having their gallbladders removed. I feel left out. Anyhow, I’ll be back and forth to the hospital some. There is a Gulf Coast Bible Camp board meeting tonight, but I have a family thing to do … so I’ll miss that. There is also a preachers meeting today that I may or may not be able to get to. Tomorrow my friend Bud invited me to attend GREEK FEST in Mobile. This will be a new experience for me and I look forward to it.  Check out part of the menu:

  • Grecian Chicken Entree – Delicately seasoned and cooked with Greek lemon-butter sauce.
  • Dolmathes Entree – Delicious meat and rice seasoned with a blend of Grecian spices and stuffed in grape leaves.
  • Pastichio Entree – Alternating layers of macaroni, grated cheese, and sauteed ground chuck, topped with a rich cream sauce and baked to perfection.
  • Grecian String Beans  – Cooked to perfection with onions, seasoning and a touch of tomatoes.
  • Spanakopita (Pronounced:: Span-ah-ko-pee-ta)  – Delicious “spinach pie”, made with layers of buttered filo dough and stuffed with feta cheese

Why am I breaking out in a sweat?

There is a Teen Retreat at GCBC this weekend as well, and I hope to spend some time Friday and Saturday there.

Today I will begin a month of prayer and contemplation on the names and attributes of God. The Navigators have a nice help sheet for this located HERE.  The list begins with…

God is Jehovah. The name of independent being—“I AM WHO I AM”—only belongs to Jehovah God. As we consider His greatness, we fall down in fear and awe of this One who possesses all authority. Exodus 3:13-15.

What kinds of prayer thoughts does that bring to your mind? As I read it I am impressed that God doesn’t need me. He is self-sufficient. He is orgin and originator. Creator. His breathe requires no inhale or exhale, His blood does not need to be forced through veins via a pumping mechanism, and His eyes never need to blink. His reach is never too short and He never misses a mumbled prayer. He never has to ask for help because His power is never in short supply. And this self-sufficient all powerful being is interested in my day. He never misses the fact that I stumbled or that I cried. He never fails to hear my laughter or know that I’ve blown it. He rescues me over and over in a thousand unseen ways. He expresses His will clearly, demands obedience, offers grace and mercy … he remembers that I am dust. He has no need of me, yet he loves me. He chooses to save me, through no virtue of my own. What matchless love! 


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