Friday on the Coast

Today the group from Colorado finished up all the work they could and then prepared for the long journey home. They plan to leave in the morning. We hope that some of the families they served will be interested in knowing more about the Central family. New crews from Illinois and Pennsylvania arrive Saturday evening and Sunday. There is plenty of work for them to do.

This morning Jim Ingram and Bud Garrison were both at the building. I’m watching in amazement as they compare notes on the C. S. Lewis books they’ve been reading. How great is that? One of our elders and a new Christian chatting about such classics as The Great Divorce and The Screwtape Letters! I love it.

People still ask if there is work to do here on the Coast. I’ll be honest and say that sometimes I begin to think we’re getting close to being through. However, some conversations with David Kilbern will solve that. This week we met a family living in a home with no flooring, no walls, no heat, no air, and the only room that looked finished was the bathroom. They were sleeping on box springs with no sheets, no mattress, no pillows. And they were hoping they weren’t bothering us too much to ask for a few things. Some people really do not know where to turn for help.

I’ve mentioned in an earlier post that David and Elaine build great relationships with the Americorps kids. This weekend some of them who had been here previously had a few days off. They returned to Pascagoula to work hurricane relief on their days off! Great hearts in some of these young people.

Tomorrow our local Mardi Gras parade will run through town and right by our facility. I wrote some thoughts about Mardi Gras several years ago. I generally feel the same way. Today was interesting watching businesses and churches roping off their grounds. I know why. Careless people leave behind big piles of shrimp and crawfish carasses. You talk about a stink the next day! The trash left behind is enormous. The behavior during the parade is embarassing. But I’ll likely be there talking to people, and maybe invite them to the assembly. I may even eat a moon pie, though it is not very South Beach. Maybe I’ll take some pictures.

Yes, there are new pictures of the new grandson on my picture page. I did get to see him for a little while tonight. So far he is quiet and mild mannered. He entered the covenant along with Abraham today. I thought they were supposed to wait for the eight day? Ah well… I guess I will circumvent this discussion by just being thankful that he is happy, healthy, and beautiful.

Now Bobby Cohoon has really done a number on me. He’s written about his life using songs as a vehicle for illustration. Then he asked me to do the same. I’ve worked on it some, but it was terrible. Then Bobby Valentine had to go and do it.  Sigh. I guess I’ll do it too….but it’s going to take a while.


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