Friday On The Coast

TODAY. It’s an overcast Friday morning on the Coast. The temperature reminds me more of April than February.  I’m listening to Michael W. Smith’s lastest CD entitled Stand. It’s got some great songs and some not-so-great ones. But over the past couple of decades he has consistently put out some of the best contemporary Christian music. Of all of his CDs I have owned, though, I liked i-2-(eye) the best. It was early in his career.

DRUGS. The big story of yesterday seems to be the death of Anna Nicole Smith. Her mother is blaming drugs, which is a pretty safe theory. I guess the thing I regret is that so much of the attention will be on the iconic events of her life such as her posing for Playboy, and her marriage to an 80-something billionaire. If I recall correctly, she did inherit his money. I’m not sure why she captured so much attention in her life. I suppose the public chooses who it exalt as a star. From the outside, I think her life was tragic. In spite of being a billionaire, she still chose to seek solace in drug abuse. Even the death of her son from an overdose did not redirect her life to a more positive track. The birth of a new daughter did not deter her from her addiction. I do not write this to judge her. I want to recognize that there are many people who are caught in the trap of substance abuse. There is no control in their lives, and no matter who they hurt or how much pain they bear, the next thought is the next high. This is tragic. There are very few of you who read these words who do not have someone in your family who is addicted to drugs (prescription or otherwise). I wish that there would be as much attention to this problem as there will be to the death of a model.

ADDICTION. Monday night I will be starting a series of classes on overcoming addictions. We will be using the Bible to work our way through the famous twelve steps of Alcoholics Anonymous. We have workbooks to use to help us with whatever addiction plagues the students. I know of three who are coming because of food addictions, some from alcohol addictions, and some from drug addictions. There will likely be other addictions represented. I believe it takes basically the same principles to escape the control of any addiction or habit. Of course I will not be telling their stories here. I just ask your prayers as I work on my own poor habits and addictions as I lead the class. It is my greatest hope that the entire class will grow closer to God during this series of classes and that we will be able to make real and permanent changes because of the grace and mercy of our Father.

BLOG STATS. Well, now that we are thoroughly depressed, I thought I’d mention something a little lighter. Other bloggers have mentioned it from time to time. One of the things I love about WordPress is the Blog Stats section. I have access to a lot of information about my blog. For instance, there is a list of ‘referrers’. That tells me that today four people have entered this site by clicking on THIS SITE. Recently Dusty Rush mentioned my blog and linked to it. I think about 15 people clicked through to my site just because of his mention. Another interesting feature is “search engine terms”. Someone writes an inquiry in a search engine and end up at my blog somehow. So, if I mention someone’s name in my blog and someone somewhere enters that person’s name in a search engine, they could end up here. A few that are on my page today are searches for “weird al yankovic member of church of ch”, “gossip on paula deen and family”, and a few for “rip van winkle”. Also there are ‘incoming links’ in which I notice today that Bobby Cohoon linked to this blog again today. Thanks, Bobby! I can see that 78 people have viewed my blog today (which means they haven’t read this post and likely won’t read it until tomorrow!). And I can see that ten of you yesterday clicked through J-Wild’s link to the Harding Dance fracas! Now this could all be very boring to you … or it might be of interest. Here’s some thoughts:

*This feature alone makes it worth switching from Blogger.

*It is neat to see that someone is actually coming to the blog to read. Most people do not leave comments, so it’s good to know this.

*If I happen to mention Brittany Spears, Valentines Day Gifts, Chocolate, American Idol, Astronaut Killers in Diapers, Jennifer Lopez, Brad Pitt, Spider-Man 3, David Beckham, Lost, Deal or No Deal, or any other people / things for which people search, they could end up right here. And of course, my apologies if that’s how you got here today.

*I think you should be comforted that with all of the information available about my blog, there are still many many many things I do not know such as your current weight, how you yawned while reading my blog, and the fact that many of you only glanced at this blog and aren’t even reading this far! I do not know what you thought about writing as a comment but decided not to. I do not know how many times you let your cell phone ring because you were spellbound by today’s post. And I do not know how many of you are a bit put out because I wrote a lot today but didn’t say much. Smile, you’re on candid computer!


Body found in Beaumont, TX …. One Year After Hurricane Rita. Neighbors thought he evacuated. His family was mad at him for not attending his mother’s funeral. The dining room table was set. His wallet was on his dresser. How did they discover him? Someone wanted to buy his damaged house. How do families get this disconnected?

Homeless Dumping is not a new sport. It is what happens when the non-insured and homeless are dismissed from the hospital. One news story this morning reports the sighting of a van belonging to Hollywood Presbyterian Medical Center dumping a paraplegic man on Skid Row. They left him crawling in the street with nothing more than a soiled gown and a broken colostomy bag. What a nightmare.

Jim Martin shares some links. Is there some existential shift when one blogger lists in his links a link to another blogger who listed links?

Justin Buzzard’s Bible Study Group gets out among the sinners. Good job. How many Christians would view this as a waste of time? Let’s wake up!

Thanks for reading!

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