Friday Night Thoughts

We’re boring. At least that’s what our 17 year old non-stop son says. My response? OK. Is that supposed to bother me?

Yesterday I had a lunch appointment that happens a few times a year (shame on us … it should be more often). Al Sturgeon, Les Ferguson, Danny Dodd and I met at Wings in Mobile¬†for lunch and rowdy conversation. Thankfully it’s a loud place … we make it louder. Interestingly (or not) we all had healthy plates … grilled fish, chicken, salads abounded on the table. I hate getting older. Our friend Cecil May III called. He ate at a wings place in a desperate effort to try to enjoy the experience with us. He’s the only one who ate wings. We tried to keep it light, as Danny was about to leave to speak at the very somber funeral mentioned in my last post. I know his presence was a blessing to the family.

Here’s a picture I took.

Al Sturgeon, Danny Dodd, Les Ferguson

I started off my day at a Pastor’s Prayer Breakfast. I was invited by a local pastor in Moss Point that I know. I wasn’t sure what the purpose of the gathering was, but found out that it was to get more ministers involved in the Moss Point School District. There is a need for guidance, mentors, involvement of churches. I would guess that to be true of all school districts. I didn’t sign up, given that within one mile of my house there are three schools that probably need some involvement as well. I’m sold on the need…just not sure about adding one more thing to the pile of things to do … especially since I seldom get them all done anyway.

I got a call from my friend Scott today. His struggle with alcohol nearly took him to the grave. Next week he will graduate from the VA program he’s in and enter another one … this one in Oregon. I am so proud of his journey…he’s doing great.

I have the second lesson on prayer posted at Deeper Walk.

In preparation for a series of messages and some other things centered around the theme Friend of Sinners, I have started THIS BLOG. Its’ a fledgling to be sure. I want to preach this series of sermons in the months after our county fair. We’ll have a booth at the fair and have material about the series available…complete with it’s own website … and some other stuff. I think it’s an important message for the lost in our community: Jesus really wants to be your friend. This will take the place of the Thirsty For God blog, which has been inactive for a while now.

From Frank’s blog: In case you aren’t going to be there, but are interested in the Abilene University¬†lectures, the theme lectures will be broadcast live at You can also catch them at Acappella Radio on iTunes. The brochure also says that CDs and DVDs of the lectures will be available. (I was not able to locate Aappella Radio on iTunes, jd)

Last night Maggy and I saw 3:10 to Yuma … pretty good western movie … pretty violent, though. I guess all Western’s are. I liked the story, too.

Oh look what accidentally landed on my blog….a beautiful picture of Maggy and our grandson Blake!

Well, this is a pretty boring post, eh? Maybe John Robert is right. Just consider it bonding.

Have a great weekend!


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