Friday at Tulsa Workshop


Thursday Night At Tulsa Workshop

We had another great day at Tulsa Workshop seeing lots of friends and attending some superb classes. Maggy and I started off our day at Angie Burns’ class on responding to Homosexuality with the Heart of Jesus. Angie did an excellent job of sharing how one can maintain his / her convictions while at the same time extending the love of Christ to those who struggle with same-sex attractions. We appreciated the work and research she put into her project. Bobby Ross…if you read this … you ought to get her to submit that to the Chronicle!

Today’s lunch was at the big Chinese place right next to Garnett Church. That’s one of our annual stops, and we really enjoyed it. Jim Ingram, one of our elders who is with us, especially considers himself a Chinese food expert. It was fun to be there with him. Gary and Garrett Irby also met us there to enjoy the meal.

 Robert Cox hit another home run today in his class on Planting Churches. The topic did not apply to me so such, but he is so positive and has given his heart to winning the lost. While in his class some wheels began to turn in my mind and I was grateful for the inspiration!

Tonight we were blessed to hear several singing groups before worship. Acappella, Revival, One Spirit, Free Indeed, and Best Friends really lifted our spirits. It was good to see Denise Sweet (Revival) still belting it out. One Spirit is the second generation of the Free Indeed ministry. Their children exhibited some outstanding harmonies on He Leadeth Me … a memorable moment.

Tonight’s messages by Randy Harris and Jerry Taylor proclaimed the truth of the Christ and glorified Him. The emphasis was on our need to hear the message of Christ and to let Him be the center of our proclamation.

We have four teenagers with us and they all now have nicknames. There’s Mr. Melodrama, Mr. Grumpypants, Mr. Wisecrack, and Mr. Logical. I’ll let you Central locals try to figure out who is who. It’s been a lot of fun to watch the Ingram brothers interact. They are both great brothers. Our time here is slipping quickly away from us, but we are enjoying all of it so much.

I ran into several people today who have been to the Coast. Kent Bresee, David Skidmore … and others. Here was a note left on our church bus today: “Thank you for taking care of us and letting us sleep at your church this summer when our youth group came down there. You blessed us very much. Yours in Christ, Jack, Memorial Drive Church of Christ, Tulsa, OK“. Isn’t that sweet?

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