Friday at Tulsa Workshop

Today was a different kind of day than yesterday. I saw lots of people I knew and only went to a few classes. One of the things I enjoyed about this year’s workshop is a new kind of decoration of the stages … they all look very warm and inviting … I really liked them. In addition I enjoyed the beautiful prayer garden that was provided for prayer requests and such. This morning at breakfast I met a woman I believe to be homeless who had come into the hotel to help herself to some breakfast. She requested prayer and so I put her request in the prayer garden. Maybe you can say a prayer for Christine. God knows what she needs. There is a tall cross there where you can place your requests. I also placed a request for my parents in their health struggles. Thanks to those of you who asked about them. I appreciate the prayers … and the concern. Here’s one scene from the prayer garden:

One of the old friends I ran into was Mark and Laura Cremeans of Churches of Christ Disaster Response Team. Once upon a time not long after a storm named Katrina, this group set up a gas grill on our church lawn. People lined up 20 and 30 deep to have the first warm food they’d enjoyed in a week. Free of charge, no less. I’ll never forget it. They’re doing disaster relief work all over the nation these days. We had a good conversation about how disasters bring out the best and the worst in people.

One of the messages I heard today was from Dusty Rush. Dusty just has a way of speaking right to the heart, and this was no exception. His message called, “I Heard God Crying” deserves more exposure. I’m sorry I didn’t get to spend more time with him.

There’s no way to list all the people I saw. I saw two of the “tres bloggers”: Mason Puckett and Neil Holman. I also met their friend Cody. I saw their campus minister Seth Simmons and his future wife Jenny. I have bumped into Jason Retherford several times, and one time he had his whole crew with him. That’s them below.

I had good conversations with Bill Denton and Dale Bresee. I met Mac Owen and talked with Keith Roberts for a while. I was sitting down on a break and Wade Hodges sat down with me to visit and I enjoyed that so much. I met a friend of Darin‘s but he doesn’t have a blog so I won’t mention his name (ha! sorry, just some humor…you had to be there). The more I remember, the more the list grows. I was able to talk to Tucker and David Underwood, and Terry Laudette of Contact Church of Christ in Tulsa.

And I tried to enjoy a conversation with Craig Hicks, but it was not to be. We are giving it one more shot for breakfast in the morning … perhaps we’ll get that visit in before I head home in the morning. Craig is all that and a bag of chips.

I had a great visit with Rick Jett and his wife at the International Disaster Emergency Services (IDES) booth. They are such encouraging servants of God. I do not think Central could have recovered their physical facility without the help of IDES. I made friends with Keith Wood of IDES early on, and he was a rock of encouragement and help throughout the recovery process. They helped not only with funds but with materials along the way. They will always have my gratitude and respect. They continue to do a great work in Slidell with a full-time leader there (Joe Luttrell) and attempting to plant a church in Pearlington.

Tonight’s assembly with Jeff Walling and Mark Moore was instructional and inspirational. I enjoyed their message much. Personally I like to hear one person deliver the sermon … or even two sermons … more than the back-and-forth conversation thing that seems popular this year. However, I’m not picky. It was great. I want to say that Shane Coffman and the Memorial Praise Team really touched my heart tonight. Keith Lancaster also helped make the worship time encouraging.

Maggy and I ended our night with supper and pie at Village Inn again. It’s convenient and pretty good food. If I didn’t name you, feel free to name yourself in the comments! I am so tired but in such a good way! ISWW is a special event in my heart and has been for many years. I am sorry to miss tomorrow…but a new ministry in Monroe is calling my name and I want to answer that call!

Thanks for stopping by!  Pray for us to have a safe journey tomorrow!


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